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Bella. 19. Sole proprietor of The Tea Cozy, a specialty tea room in Greenville, SC. Proud Italian-American, textile artist, tea guru, world traveler, fairy princess, feminist bitch.

I am always coming home


Andrè Dienes

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Portrait of Sarah Cook by Carl Ludwig Christinec, 1775


1960s style icon Sylvie Vartan.


A Young Blond Woman with a Garland of Roses around her Neck, Jean-Honore Fragonard 

Alice on Luther may be a fucked-in-the-head but she is my favorite character on any show ever. She is damn resourceful and so super brilliant and I think she is absolutely fascinating. Even if she does kill people for fun. Everything but that.

Friday night is taco night.

Wearing the beautiful perfume my best friend brought back from Greece 💙


First Ladies Vintage Summer 2014 Lookbook

Photographer: Brittany Pyle
Models: Erin & Kristen
Stylist: Niki Rosario

Shop the look here!

dolce and gabbana f/w 2014

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Opera Garnier

Naomi Sims for Harper’s Bazaar, December 1968 (via)

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A. Zandrino Art Postcard.



Marianne Faithfull