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I'm Bella.
I like Merseybeat music, old books, any kind of punk, Sherlock, mod things, The Who, pretty dresses, Brian Jones, Miuccia Prada, Stendhal syndrome, Doctor Who, lemonade, and the word snarky. I'm also a part time fairy princess and a feminist bitch with no sense of humor.
I am always coming home

Is there a website that’s like etsy except for trades? Like I would love to trade some of my tea blends and brooches for some cute handmade hats and things. If that doesn’t exist someone should make it.


Afternoon dress by Bernard, Les Modes September 1909. Photo by Reutlinger

My copy of The Picture Of Dorian Grey had the worst cover art, so I made my own.

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Florence Harrison - illustration from “Early Poems” by William Morris

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"Children Of The Planets" by Baccio Baldini, c. 1460

Peach tea grown right here in South Carolina! I’m thinking of stocking a few select branded teas in the shop, does anyone have a particular favorite?


Jean-Antoine Watteau expressively sketched her silk dress with red and white chalk to create a relaxed, intimate life study. 


Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe, and Betty Grable dream in “How to Marry a Millionaire”, 1953

Afternoon tea: Hot hibiscus, sesame quinoa crackers, cranberry balsamic goat cheese spread, and Medjool dates dipped in homemade coconut oil chocolate with local honey.

This post is about Jesse.


Vintage French hand tinted postcard


Young girl dreaming on a boat - Autochrome - Jean-Baptiste Tournassoud - c. 1915

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