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I'm Bella.
I like Merseybeat music, old books, any kind of punk, Sherlock, mod things, The Who, pretty dresses, Brian Jones, Miuccia Prada, Stendhal syndrome, Doctor Who, lemonade, and the word snarky. I'm also a part time fairy princess and a feminist bitch with no sense of humor.
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The Science of Doctor Who premieres August 4 at 9pm on BBC America and SPACE (in Canada)

BBC America is producing a new batch of Doctor Who specials this August and we’re excited about this one in particular. Why?

Only because they got some of our favorite physicists and scientists to talk about the “science” of Doctor Who, that’s why!!!!! ヽ(^。^)ノ

Think The Doctor’s Time Traveling is science-fiction… or science-fact? Find out in this exclusive sneak peek at BBC America’s All New Special THE SCIENCE OF DOCTOR WHO before the World Premiere *** Saturday Aug 4 at 9/8c *** only on BBC America. Immediately followed by the World Premiere of THE NERDIST: TRIBUTE TO SCIENCE at 10/9c.

Here, join DW Executive Producer and lead writer STEVEN MOFFAT plus big-time scientists like Theoretical Physicists MICHIO KAKU & JIM AL KHALILI and Space Scientist MAGGIE ADERIN POCOCK as they debate the possibility of time travel using Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity and wormholes.

Watching this now~*~*